Denver’s Dive

The Squeeze Bar outside

Denver's Dive...

Come see us at "THE SQUEEZE"! This Denver landmark has been serving locals and visitors alike since 1947. Known as one of Denver's best dive bars, The Squeeze's cozy atmosphere and classic charm is reminiscent of days gone by and simpler times.

Cheap beer

Our History

Our building was originally opened by two WWII vets, a drive-through burger joint called The Hilltop. Our humble size dates back to our beginnings when there was a brick shortage created by the war.

Eventually, the burgers were out, our name changed to The Squeeze and we transformed to a bar.

Fast forward to present day where the new family ownership has kept things plain and simple; a great neighborhood bar to enjoy a cold beer.

Catch us on a warm weekend when local car enthusiasts show off their cars.

Or stop by on a food truck night for some great local food.

The Squeeze Bar outside